Our IT consulting practice focuses on advising organisations on how to make best use of information technology to help them achieve their organisational goals. Our consulting service also involves free project assessment, careful analysis, planning and expert advice in turn enhancing our clients business performance and leading to a reduction in their costs and therefore maximising their IT investment return.

We at Jenrac are aware that organisations’ IT needs vary and have therefore designed various different models, each offering consulting services to a different scale and scope using global resources. This allows your organisation the freedom to choose the type of service you feel is best suited to your needs leading to an overall efficient consulting experience for your organisation.

Flexi / Hourly hire consulting service
This service type is one of the new offerings to our service line and gives you the choice to receive our consulting services on an as and when basis including receiving our services on certain days of week, certain days of the month or just a few hours of support as a one off or on a regular basis onsite or offshore. This particular model has been rolled out to fit around the clients very specific needs. I.e. occasionally clients require support with migrating small amount of data reliably from legacy systems or data cleansing, which altogether could take between few hours or days to few months.
Payment on Results
If you have a piece of work you would like us to look after for your organisation but are not very familiar with our expertise and level of service or if for whatever reason you feel sceptical as to the outcome of the project, we are happy to invest our resources in to your project without any upfront fees and only get paid for our service once we have successfully delivered up to your expectations. This consulting model is one of the new offerings to our service line and has been designed for our clients’ peace of mind, especially new ones and to exhibit how strongly we believe in our areas of expertise, how passionate we are about what we do and how well we understand what are clients expect when they come to us.
Fixed Rate
In some instances, depending on the nature of the work involved, we might be able to offer a flat fixed rate for the entire project under consideration. In such a case our experts will carry out an in-depth analysis of your project requirements and we will then accordingly provide you with a quote. In many cases clients tend to benefit from this consulting model as the project cost is calculated with emphasis on the amount and nature of the work involved as a whole rather than purely based on the time your project would require, which is then worked out on a daily rate basis. This model has some strong advantages including peace of mind for the client as the price and responsibility for the entire project is already agreed on and therefore no matter what complexities come along the way and no matter how much extra resources we end up investing, the client will only pay what has earlier been agreed and the project will be delivered in time.
Time & Money
Our T & M model has a very strong established presence and we have our specialists and teams of specialists working across the UK on a T & M basis on projects ranging from a period of few months up to few years. If you require us to supplement your existing talent (workforce) and undertake a part of your project (add on to your existing work force) take it to completion (go live) within a fixed period of time, we have what it takes to not just meet rather exceed your expectations. Especially in some technologies, such as SAP, our clients usually opt for our services on a T & M basis
Remote Support
Depending on the nature of the support required, on some occasions, we can meet your needs more cost effectively through our Remote Support model, without having a physical presence on your site. At the same time without compromising on the quality of service you receive as the remote support is provided out by the same industry experts, who are certified and have a proven track record to ensure consistency in our consulting service and quality.
Choose & Mix
We are aware that clients may believe that they can get better value from our service by making use of more than one of our consulting models for their complete project and therefore we have come up with the Choose & Mix model. This consulting model allows complete freedom and flexibility as it allows you to combine any two, or some or all of the consulting models on offer, to enable your organisation to receive then type of support you would ideally wish to at every stage of the project under consideration.