SAP Singapore
SAP have announced plans to develop and open a new innovation centre in the city state of Singapore by the end of the year. This marks the 25th year of SAP offices in Asia Pacific, with current centres located in Indonesia, India, Thailand and Malaysia.

A pivotal aim of the centre is to encourage an innovation drive as well as allow access for students to take part in the SAP University Alliances Student Entrepreneurship Programme where they can get hands on experience with SAP software and technology and learn from experts who also become their mentors. This will push an increase in employability and enable students to develop the skills to enter the technology job market.

Two projects announced by SAP Singapore include:
Co-Innovation Living Lab; Which focuses on a partnership with customers and developers to drive innovation
Global Business Incubator; Which aims to create opportunities for budding entrepreneurs.
This notion was echoed by Mr Quek Swee Kaun from the Economic Development Board (EDB) who highlighted SAP’s existing role in contributing to the ICT industry.

Etihad Airways & SAP – Match made in Heaven
Etihad Airways have announced SAP as their strategic technology partner, where they will combine SAP ERP and cloud-based products to manage and deliver software for a range of services such as Human Resources, Finance and Business Intelligence.

The aim of utilising SAP software, such as SuccessFactors and SAP HANA, for the Etihad Aviation Group is to modernise the current system and increase profitability and enable growth, as James Hogan, CEO of Ethiad Airways, would put it “This is preparing our business for tomorrow.”

This is a great partnership for the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and SAP as it highlights the increasing reliance and need to be up to date and current with developed technologies to sustain growth and flexibility.

SAP apps for smart glasses
Imagine a hands free world where you could control and optimise your workplace with the blink of an eye. Well that’s exactly what Vuzix are aiming to do with their Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses, and they are teaming up with SAP SE who will be designing the mobile applications to compliment the invention.

The two specific applications SAP have developed for the glasses are:
1) SAP AR Warehouse: As the name suggests, it focuses on aiding the work of Vuzix’s warehouse workers. The app provides workers with the ability to scan and process bar codes for units which will make determining locations of products a lot easier. SAP have also incorporated voice input into the app which will allow users to register quantity of products.
2) SAP AR Service Technician: This app will provide users with a 3D visual system allowing them a full view of their workplace, an expert calling feature to enable a remote colleague to provide users with directions.

This advancement into wearable technology is sure to be polarising, as similarly to the Google Glass, questions regarding privacy and security have been raised. However, there is no doubt that the eyewear combined with the applications by SAP will increase productivity within Vuzix’s warehouses which will in turn result in higher profitability.